Spike McClure - Master of Whisky


Enjoy an enlightening tasting and seminar exploring the world of great Whiskey with Master of Whisky Spike McClure. For this event, you will learn the fundamental steps of whiskey production, as well as the proper tasting techniques, in order to enhance your appreciation and develop your palate for distilled spirits. Spike will take you on a tour of the great whiskey producing countries of the world including: Scotland, United States, Ireland, and Canada. Don’t miss this opportunity for a fascinating, in-depth look into the world of whiskies.

  • Sampling
    Contrast and compare 6-8 single malts or blends, domestic and international. 1-3 hours. Cost negotiable.
  • Pairings Dinner
    1-3 hours. Cost negotiable.
  • Event Tasting
    Appearance fee + cost of materials.
  • Appearance
    Customized tasting or local distillery tour. Cost TBD.

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Spike McClure

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