Spike McClure - Master of Whisky
Spike McClure

Spike McClure, Senior Master of Whisky, is the son of a Scottish Presbyterian minister and the grandson of a whisky-loving granny. “There were always two holy spirits in our house. Every meal began with a grace and ended with a dram.” The inevitable consequence was Spike’s life as a proselytizing whisky evangelist.

Today, a well-traveled missionary for whisky, Spike returns regularly to the Holy Lands (Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, Tennessee and Canada) to reconnect with his roots in the industry: malt men and coopers, master distillers and blenders who kindly share their knowledge with a man who spreads their good work to the wider world.

For the past fifteen years Spike has been happily employed by the House of Walker and The Classic Malts Selection, guiding legions of benighted consumers and retailers from a dark fear of flavor to the warm glow of whisky. With a style, suiting both the revival tent and the classroom, Spike is always in demand as a host and speaker, conducting whisky tastings, whisky dinners, and professional trainings throughout the year.

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